UAM offers reliability engineering and independent project planning and/or review consulting services

Case Study: Far West Water and Sewer Inc.

Developed from a century old consulting engineering practice, Universal Asset Managements‘ (UAM) "Engineering Team" specializes in cutting edge infrastructure developments, independent engineering review services, and reliability engineering for a diverse group of public and private clients across the country.

Today UAM‘s engineering projects range from comprehensive Sustainable Development design to the rapidly growing alternative fuels market to state-of-the-art water and wastewater systems. We provide a comprehensive set of engineering, development and management services including project planning, financing, design, permitting/regulatory affairs, construction services and ongoing equipment reliability engineering that are necessary for the success of any project.

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UAM employs proven innovative technologies and advanced risk management programs to reduce end-user risk and provide "Best-in Class" ongoing system life-cycle management. Because of our approach, we can often offer end user‘s extraordinary guaranties in combination with our "A" rated insurance partners.

As a single source engineering service provider, we enable our clients to focus on THEIR clients and simplify their lives with a single point of contact, offering comprehensive concept to completion services.

UAM‘s Engineering Team specializes in:

  • - Water Treatment & Distribution
  • - Wastewater Treatment & Reuse
  • - Wastewater Collection
  • - Ethanol Processing
  • - Bio-diesel Processing
  • - Telecommunications
  • - Civil Works