A new and innovative approach to Asset Management and Equipment Breakdown Insurance

The purpose of UAM‘s "APP®" program is to provide increased reliability of equipment performance, while stabilizing maintenance costs and managing your assets.


Equipment Breakdown Insurance is an insurance derived maintenance program


Reliability Centered Maintenance reduces unscheduled corrective maintenance events


Asset Management is a global management process

Services provided with APP:

  • - Engineering Team
  • - Valuable information for your capital budgeting process
  • - Broadened coverage for your assets
  • - Bundled renewal dates
  • - Increased service on your equipment
  • - Consolidated or outsourced vendor payments
  • - Critical information to assist in managing equipment
  • - Replace or supplement existing maintenance programs

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UAM is targeting select markets with a complete Asset Protection Program, which consists of asset/risk management, a comprehensive corrective/preventive maintenance program, disaster recovery planning, service/maintenance reporting, and bill paying. An Asset Management program backed by a maintenance service agreement and/or a contractual liability insurance policy from an "A" rated insurance carrier may be included in the APP.

UAM will develop, define, and optimize a client specific preventive maintenance schedule designed specifically for your equipment to enhance uptime and cut corrective maintenance costs through the utilization of reliability centered maintenance techniques. The service agreement will pay for all corrective/preventive maintenance tasks as outlined in the contract.

UAM will also be responsible for documenting all field service reports received from your service manager and will process the service call. UAM will make available a UAM hosted Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) or self-directed program for purpose of tracking, monitoring, PM scheduling, bill paying, and general reporting of activities associated with your maintenance activities.

UAM‘s objective is to work together strategically with our Business Partners to reduce indirect & direct maintenance costs through the optimization of well-founded engineering based principles applied to the program.

Benefits of APP:

  • - Cost Reduction
  • - Cost Containment
  • - Guaranteed Budget
  • - Fact-based Budgeting
  • - Comprehensive Coverage
  • - Vendor Management
  • - Standards/Standards Compliance
  • - Performance Measures
  • - Results Report‘s

How It Works:

  • 1) Equipment fails
  • 2) You call service vendor of your choice
  • 3) Service vendor repairs equipment
  • 4) You approve repair work, sign Field Service Report
  • 5) Forward service report to UAM
  • 6) Service vendor submits repair invoice to UAM
  • 7) UAM audits invoice and Field Service Report for accuracy, including proper pricing of parts and labor
  • 8) UAM reimburses service vendor for valid claims

Additional Program Features:

  • - On-line management reports
  • - Rental of substitute equipment
  • - One common anniversary date
  • - Outsourced vendor dispatch
  • - Power surge repair coverage
  • - Disaster recovery plans
  • - In-house reimbursement for repairs
  • - Ease of Administration
  • - Direct Pay Programs

Universal Asset Management partners with our clients to provide a risk management program, a comprehensive asset management program including a rigorous preventive maintenance package individually designed for each client‘s needs. The program contains corrective/preventive maintenance costs, preserves the functionality of your equipment and extends the life of your company‘s assets while controlling cost.

Each piece of your equipment is evaluated - condition, age, use, cost to maintain - and its repair history tracked. With our Reliability Centered Maintenance process, you‘ll know exactly how often and why equipment breakdowns have occurred. You‘ll have a comprehensive preventive maintenance program that will increase the efficiency and reliability of your equipment while minimizing downtime.

Plus, you‘ll have a comprehensive inventory and analysis of your equipment with a complete operational maintenance service plan that will reduce corrective maintenance calls while increasing service reliability.

RCM was originally designed to increase the reliability of individual pieces of equipment, and it has now transformed into a method which insures that the functionality of systems remain intact such that their original mission can be carried out in a reliable manner. The RCM process is a systematic, qualitative decision methodology that identifies the most cost effective preventive maintenance tasks. An RCM maintenance program will not eliminate unscheduled and corrective maintenance, although is designed to reduce unnecessary maintenance costs.

EBI was originally designed as a replacement for standard manufacturers supplied maintenance contracts. Through a highly managed vendor network, EBI has the ability to deliver equipment reliability on a consistent basis costing less than the standard manufacturer service contract. Manufacturer service maintenance agreements are very restrictive. There is an inherent assumption made in such maintenance contracts that corrective action measures will be significant. As a result, such maintenance contracts tend to be very expensive.

Insurance companies who have developed equipment breakdown insurance have found that through managing the service vendor network and concentrating heavily on the restructuring of this network, they can reduce the overall costs associated with manufacturer service contracts. For the most part, EBI policy premiums will be anywhere from 10 to 15 percent less than a standard maintenance agreement. Consequently, EBI has been utilized predominately as a substitute for manufacturer supplied service contracts.

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